About Me

As the site’s name heavily implies, I’m Rob Fahey. I’m a freelance journalist and consultant, specialising in the videogame and consumer technology industries.

I’m also a student of Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. I speak Japanese reasonably well and read it reasonably badly. I’ve got wide-ranging interests in Japanese society and history, but right now my research is focused on factors influencing public opinion on capital punishment (yes, Japan still executes people) since 2009.

I’m fascinated by politics, economics and society, not necessarily in that order. I’m a Keynesian, albeit a flexible one, left-leaning but prone to centrism, socially liberal and deeply secular.

I write fiction when I find time and motivation. The two rarely align.

I cook regularly, run occasionally, read constantly and drink gladly. I spend a week of each year completely unplugged from the digital world on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, and the rest fidgeting uncontrollably if I lose 3G reception.